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13th Floor Entertainment Group Details 2023 Plans for L.A. Haunted Hayride, Delusion, and Shaqtoberfest at Midsummer Scream

On Saturday, award-winning actor, writer, and producer David Dastmalchian hosted the 13th Floor Entertainment Group panel at Midsummer Scream. The panel consisted of several 13th Floor Entertainment Group members, including CEO and Founding Partner Chris Stafford, L.A. Haunted Hayride creator Melissa Carbone, and Delusion Creator Jon Braver. Throughout the hour-long presentation, David Dastmalchian discussed with the team the history of these iconic Los Angeles-area Halloween events. He even got them to share a little about what they have in store for the 2023 Halloween season.

Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

L.A. Haunted Hayride turns 15 in 2023, and while they aren’t making a big deal out of this milestone year, they did share some exciting details about this year’s hayride experience.

New Wagons

After several years of feedback from L.A. Haunted Hayride guests, the Halloween event is finally getting new wagons for the hayride experience. The brand-new wagons are larger and will allow guests to sit on either hay bales or benches, offering guests a more comfortable riding experience.

New Scenes

In addition to new wagons, L.A. Haunted Hayride is introducing all-new scenes to the hayride experience. While specifics weren’t shared, 13th Floor promised things that have never been done before.

New Maze

Joining returning fan favorites Midnight Mortuary and Trick or Treat (which will both be getting some terrifying new updates) is an all-new maze called Hellbilly Halloween. The story of the maze is as follows:

Venture deep into the backwoods of Midnight Falls, where a long-rumored cannibalistic family has taken in the spirit of Halloween by dishing out diabolical tricks filled with horrifying treats. The Jasper family has dwelled in the backwoods of Midnight Falls for generations. Although their inhumane farming techniques have long been questioned by many, nothing compares to what happens when the spirit of Halloween takes over the household.

When an assortment of family members crawl in from the woodwork, the Jaspers are all dolled up in their favorite Halloween costumes and makeup. The family is gearing up for a festive Halloween night. The scrumptious treats Momma Jasper and her baby boy Feastus have prepared are mixed with salty sweets made from tourists who strayed too far from the Halloween festival.

The cousins run rampantly throughout the household while the boys out back have opened the pig pens for some games of chase the wiggly. The girls are playing hide and seek within the piles of chicken feathers and lead trick-or-treating tourists deep down into the cellar where Grampy Sarge awaits them with his rusty tools.

The backcountry family is gung ho on filling the old country homestead with horrifying tricks and treats that are sure to disgust even the bravest of townsfolk.

Rounding out the L.A. Haunted Hayride 2023 announcements was the news that ax throwing would be added to the event as a new entertainment option. For up-to-date information and tickets once they are available, visit


Delusion returns to The Phillips Mansion in Pomona, CA, for its final year at this particular location, with Delusion: Nocturnes & Nightmares.

This all-new Delusion experience will take guests back to the 1940s. It will be an amalgamation of all the Delusion stories from the past into an underlying narrative that will tie them all together. The experience will be an anthology of interactive short stories.

“So the idea is, this author has created the Delusion series, all the shows you’ve seen in the past,” explained Braver during the panel. “You’re going to get a taste of all the Delusions from the past in this show. Some of your favorite characters are coming back, some of your favorite storylines.”

One character in particular that will be making his return is Manny Manners. The odd little doll made an appearance on stage during the panel to announce his return.

For the latest updates and tickets once they are available, visit,


13th Floor Entertainment Group announced the return of Shaqtoberfest for 2023, but with an expanded footprint that is actually on The Queen Mary. The expanded footprint will add a special, secret VIP experience on the ship and a new trail called “The Gray Ghost.”

This all-new attraction will be housed in the belly of the ship and will be the longest of the five trails that will be part of Shaqtoberfest 2023. The trail will act as the anchor of the now darker Shaqtoberfest, which is promising new scares and new elements for 2023.

In addition to the haunted trails, Shaqtoberfest will feature several themed bars and lounges, rides, entertainment, food, and drink.

For the latest updates and tickets once they are available, visit,

Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns

13th Floor Entertainment Group closed their panel by announcing they were bringing Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns to Los Angeles. This unique scare-free Thirteenth Floor Entertainment Group event debuted a few years back in their home of Denver, CO, and is a large-scale immersive art installation featuring thousands of jack o’ lanterns. The entire experience typically lasts about an hour and a half and is intended for anyone looking to have some Halloween fun. Magic of the Jack O’ Lanterns Los Angeles will debut at Whittier Narrows this fall. For more information, visit:

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