Putting the “Eek” in Geek and Celebrating the Halloween Spirit Year-Round

All Hallows Geek is an independent media website that was founded in 2016 with the vision of creating content to inform and entertain those who love their pop culture a bit darker. Dedicated to that section of the Venn diagram where geek culture and horror culture intersect, All Hallows Geek publishes in-depth coverage of the latest news in movies, television, toys, collectibles, gaming, and more, all with the Halloween and horror-loving audience in mind.

AllHallowsGeek.com reaches over 18,000 unique visitors on average each month (Google Analytics: 2021) through its website and has amassed a significant digital footprint across social media, including over 14K followers on Instagram, over 8.6K followers on Facebook, over 1K followers on Twitter, and over 500 subscribers on YouTube.

The site is run by resident geek and newsmaker Mike Wilton, aka The All Hallows Geek, who engages directly with entertainers, industry professionals, and the community to provide the latest news across the Halloween and horror entertainment landscape. In addition to publishing several dozen articles a week, All Hallows Geek produces:

This Week In Eek! Newsletter: A weekly newsletter that curates all of the content from All Hallows Geek from the last week, along with exciting stories around Halloween and horror from across the web.

This Week In Eek!: A weekly YouTube series that recaps some of the top stories featured on AllHallowsGeek.com over the last week.

About the Geek

Hi, I’m Mike, and I’m the All Hallows Geek. I’m not totally sure how or why it started, but I’ve always been attracted to the darker things in life. My mom once suggested it was because I almost died as a baby, but whatever the reason, the dark, the macabre, and the Halloween holiday have found their way into nearly every aspect of my being.

Growing up, I longed for the start of autumn. There was something magical about the season and the months leading up to Halloween that captivated me. Halloween was a big deal in our household, and beyond just trick or treating, my family and I would haunt our yard by decorating it to look like a graveyard. This meant Halloween lasted for the entire month of October, and it was something I enjoyed doing well into my teens.

Mike Wilton Halloween 83 & 89 and his haunted yard

As I got older, the magic I felt on Halloween night manifested itself year-round. As a teenager, I became interested in the occult and would often spend my lunch hour in the school library researching anything and everything I could find on the internet about pagans, witches, and the like (I totally could have been one of the Scoobies). Later in high school, I penned my first and only movie script for a slasher film in the vein of Scream, I Know What You Did Last Summer, and the other teen slashers that were popular at the time. It was called “A Night Like This” and was inspired by the Cure song of the same name. A portion of the film was made, but the only thing that was ever actually completed was the script and its soundtrack.

After high school, I toyed with a variety of career paths. After picking up a copy of Tom Savini’s “Grande Illusions: The Art and Technique of Special Make-Up Effects” off eBay, I almost went into special effects makeup but was turned off once I saw the cost of schooling. I also spent one season working at Knott’s Scary Farm as a monster in the now-defunct “Tales from the Crypt” maze, “Tales from the Inquisition.”

Since then, my love for Halloween and all things dark has manifested in several ways, from throwing elaborate Halloween parties to collecting black cat and witch tchotchkes or my growing collection of Halloween children’s books.

As for the geek? Well, that part has always been there. I was the weird kid who impersonated cartoon characters and grew up on Saturday morning cartoons, Nintendo, LEGO, and Marvel comics. Today I still do voices, watch cartoons, build LEGO, read the occasional comic, and yep, I still play video games. So with all these loves needing an outlet, from television and movies to video games, toys, and all things Halloween, All Hallows Geek is my home on the internet to put the “Eek” in geek.

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