2018 Pinterest Data Reveals That Halloween Isn’t Scary Anymore

When I’m not living the spooky life, I spend my 9-5 working at a digital marketing agency. Needless to say, I geek out a little bit on data and trends online. Last year I shared some of the trends around what people were searching in Google, but this year I came across some of the data from Pinterest. Pinterest has over 300 million Halloween ideas and for 2018 Pinterest took a look at some of the most popular pins around Halloween and shared their findings. The results are actually much scarier than the content people are actually searching for.

Most Popular Solo Costumes

I, Tonya has grossed over $30,000,000 in the U.S. according to April 2018 data on IMDb and apparently, the film has had a lasting impact on popular culture and apparently this year’s Halloween.  “Tonya Harding” tops the list of trending solo costumes for 2018. The characters of the hit CW show “Riverdale” came in second with the generic “90s icons” coming in third. Of the top 10 costumes in the solo category, not one was from a horror movie, or even scary.

Most Popular Group Costumes

Though delicious, I don’t know that it makes a great Halloween costume, but Avocado toast is actually the top group costume idea for 2018. Avocado toast has two ingredients, so really this seems more like a couples costume; regardless its ridiculous. Following Avocado Toast is The Incredibles, which makes sense considering the success of their sequel followed by “Dinosaur family.” Rounding out the top five were generic categories “Neverland” and “Carnival.”

Most Popular Kids Costumes

In the “small frights” category Llamas top the list. I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d see a spitting camelid at the top of a Halloween costume list, but there it is. Coming in second is “Boss Baby” from the 2017 film of the same name followed by “Boba tea.” No, not Boba Fett, Boba fucking tea…you know, the trendy Taiwanese tea with balls in it? Yeah, parents apparently want to dress their kids as that.

Most Popular Halloween Makeup

Makeup is one area where there is still a little bit of spookiness in the mix. The most searched Halloween beauty look is Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas. Other spooky highlights in the top 10 include Spiderweb eyeliner and…oh wait no, that’s it. The second look was “Celestial” followed by “Optical Illusion.”

Most Popular Halloween Decor

Decor is apparently the one area spooky still has a place in 2018. Overall searches for Halloween decor ideas were up 162% in 2018 and witches, black cats, spiders, and dry ice are apparently still popular in the year of Avocado Toast costumes and kids dressed as llamas. Check out the full list below:

  • Floating witch hat lights
  • Dry ice centerpiece
  • Drip candlestick holders
  • Mask walls
  • Skeleton flamingos
  • Spider eggs
  • Drip painted pumpkins
  • Halloween string lights (black cats)
  • Spooky window silhouettes
  • Pumpkin lanterns
  • Halloween wreaths

Most Popular Halloween Food

Pinterest is my go-to place for food ideas and recipes, so it doesn’t surprise me that there are a dozen popular Halloween food pins with upwards of 138,000 saves. Topping the list are Jalapeño popper mummies, which sound delicious, followed by the less delicious sounding Pumpkin chicken and rice stuffed peppers. Halloween pretzels, rotten deviled eggs, and ghost peep brownies round out the top five.

I’ll be honest in the year of The Nun and the return of Michael Myers and Halloween, I’m pretty surprised that not a single horror icon made it in the mix. I remember as a kid the streets were flooded with vampires, Freddy Kruegers, Jason’s and other generic ghouls and goblins. Overall this list makes Halloween 2018 seem a lot less scary. If you’re interested in seeing all of the data from 2018, check out the 2018 Pinfrights page on Pinterest.

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