A Few of My Favorite Things: Unique Gifts with a Spooky Twist to Give This Holiday Season

There are a lot of Halloween and horror related gifts on the market and right now you’re probably being inundated with themed posts on different types of gifts to give different types of horror lovers. I’ll be honest, I considered doing a few posts like this myself, hell, I still might, the season is young. But for now, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite holiday items I’ve seen popping up from artists and creators whose works I am a fan of and that I follow online.

South Bend Shovel Slayer T-Shirt

South Bend Shovel Slayer Tee
Rupert Beard

Sure, “Old Man Marley” turned out to be the good guy in Home Alone, but that doesn’t mean the legend of the South Bend Shovel Slayer can’t live on, and you can carry on his legacy by rocking this South Bend Shovel Slayer t-shirt from artist Rupert Beard. Available in four different colors and in men’s and women’s styles nobody can get salty about this homage to this Home Alone legend other than Marley’s victims.

Sinister Cindy Lou Who

Cindy Lou Who’s influence on The Grinch helped his heart to grow three sizes, but in this piece from artist Ricky Romero, it would seem that the scales have tipped in the other direction and little Cindy Lou Who has instead been influenced by The Grinch. This gorgeous original piece of art features a much more sinister looking Cindy Lou Who and would look great framed and on display for this year’s holiday gathering.

Cindy Lou Who by Ricky Romero

Arcane Candy Cane Planchette Ornament

I love me some Fiendies. The artists behind Midsummer Scream’s artwork have been a favorite for the last few years and I try to pick up a planchette or similar work whenever I run into them at an event. For the holidays, Fiendies has released a special planchette ornament handcrafted from Blackened Baltic Birch. This festive planchette is sure to put the “spirit” in your holiday spirit and is available as a standalone ornament with metal spiral tree hook or in a gift bundle that includes Arcane Candy Cane and Enchanted Forest enamel pins in addition to the ornament.

Arcane Candy Cane Planchette
(Image: Fiendies)

Graveyard Dirt Cake Crunch Bar

If you’ve followed All Hallows Geek for a while, you are well aware that I am a huge fan of artist Drew Rausch. While it’s not necessarily a holiday item, his new collaboration with Sweet Hollywood is a perfect stocking stuffer for that spooky someone in your life. Featuring wrapper artwork by Rausch this chocolate bar features dark chocolate, Oreo, raspberry jam and macadamia nuts. The wrapper claims it’s also made with “Real Bone Fragments,” but I’m going to assume that’s just the macadamia nuts. The bar is available in store as well as online.

Krampus Enamel Pin

Krampus has been all the rage at Christmastime in the horror and Halloween communities these last few years, but Em & Sprout took him in a bit of a different direction this year with this cute, yet creepy enamel pin. Perfect for the “spoopy” friends in your life, you’ll also want to check out the Santa Gizmo pin.

Em & Sprout Krampus Enamel Pins
(Image: Em & Sprout)

So there you have it. A few of my favorite things at the moment that may or may not be perfect for your holiday shopping list.

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