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A LEGO Builder Has Created an Entire Series of Stranger Things BrickHeadz and We Wish They Were An Actual Thing

LEGO has gotten their hands on a number of great licenses for their BrickHeadz series of toys.  Marvel and Star Wars were perhaps some of the most popular, but we’re set to get a Nightmare Before Christmas series later this year as well as Ghostbusters and a Halloween witch.  But now, a LEGO builder by the name of Casey McCoy has us yearning for a series of Stranger Things BrickHeadz that aren’t actually getting released.

Stranger Things Brickheadz

The six custom-made Stranger Things BrickHeadz include the characters Mike Wheeler, Eleven, Maxine Mayfield, Lukas Sinclair, Will Byers, and Dustin Henderson.  According to McCoy the characters were built as part of his ongoing Stranger Things builds that will be part of his Stranger Things display at Brickworld 2018.  McCoy previously posted a LEGO mosaic of Eleven made out of at least 3,000 pieces.

Speaking of Eleven, one of the best parts about this entire collection is how McCoy leveraged an actual waffle brick to represent Eleven’s Eggos. According to The Brothers Brick, the piece has only appeared once in a LEGO set and was released as part of a set from The LEGO Movie.

Stranger Things: Eleven Brickhead

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