American McGee Hopes to Return to Wonderland with “Alice: Asylum”

Alice: Asylum concept art of Alice
American McGee

It’s been 17 years since American McGee introduced us to the twisted take on Alice in Wonderland.  The original PC game, simply titled Alice, introduced us to a much darker and more troubled Alice who had found herself in a mental asylum after witnessing the death of her parents in a house fire.  Now, for the franchise’s third installment, American McGee is looking to go back to the asylum with a new video game tentatively titled Alice: Asylum.

The plans for a third game were announced last month following the successful funding of another American McGee project, “Out of the Woods.”  The game is currently in its proposal stage, with current efforts focusing on artwork, design outline, as well as a business model, which will then be sent to EA, the publisher behind the first two Alice games, in hopes of getting the game into development.  If all goes according to plan McGee hopes to launch a crowdfunding campaign for the game by October 2018.

Those interested in the game can sign up for the Alice 3 mailing list here, or follow American McGee on Twitter and Facebook.

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