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Angel of Light: New Immersive Experience Delivers on Haunting Vibes

Angel of Light Marquee at the Los Angeles Theatre

“Angel of Light,” a haunting new theatrical immersive experience, debuted at the historic Los Angeles Theatre on September 15. On Wednesday, the event was kind enough to invite us out to experience “Angel of Light” firsthand.

The experience was created by ODEON, a leading immersive experience and technology company, in collaboration with Fever, and features an original storyline created by Chris Anastas and Mark Binder. The experience uses advanced technology, including the power of Dolby Atmos sound, projection mapping, shifting light and music, and power strobe lights to tell the terrifying story of Rota Krisha – where ancient curses, sonic secrets, and demonic possession intertwine.

The experience is housed inside the Los Angeles Theatre, which was built in 1931 and serves as the perfect backdrop to the story, which is set in 1935. The ornate theatre, which still houses all its French Baroque-inspired décor paired with the actors that pepper the theater lobby in their period garb, make you feel as if you’ve actually stepped back in time. The atmosphere and talent at this event are its high points throughout, as you really do feel as if you are experiencing something in another time.

Once in the lobby, you’re welcomed to the theatre as a guest to see the debut vocal performance of Rota K. Preston. Unfortunately, with the actor not mic’d, that’s all I got of the story introduction as the background noise and hum of the crowd drowned out most of whatever else was said. Something then happens in the room, and you notice a change in the various characters, but again, without fully hearing the actor, some of the story is lost. The story is probably the one thing the event does struggle with, as it’s not totally clear what’s happening in the story as you progress through the experience.

Once the lobby scene concludes, you’re ushered downstairs, where you’ll enter what feels more like a traditional Halloween maze, which is housed in the theatre’s catacombs. But unlike a conventional haunt filled with monsters jumping out at you, you instead navigate dark hallways where nuns hush you and warn you not to wake the Angel. This portion of the experience seems to be a flashback to the early nineteenth century and the origin story of Rota K. Preston, then known as the hexed girl, Rota Krisha.

Once through the maze, you’ll find yourself in the theatre ballroom, where you can partake in a beverage at the bar and interact with several more characters. This area also serves as a bit of a “choose your own adventure”-like experience where you can explore several different rooms where different scenes play out. This break in the flow of the experience was refreshing because, unlike most Halloween experiences, which try to push you through quickly, it allows you to explore some of the story at your own pace.

From there, you’ll partake in another walkthrough experience before being ushered into the main theater for the epic finale, where you’ll finally get to see Rota K. Preston perform.

Overall, “Angel of Light” was an enjoyable first-year event. If you’re looking for intense scares, this event isn’t going to do it for you, but if you can appreciate a haunting atmosphere that gives you a sense of uneasiness throughout, you’ll enjoy it.

As mentioned previously, the actors and the setting are what shine here. While the “Angel of Light” backstory sounds intriguing on paper, I don’t know that it fully translated to the experience itself. I was able to connect the dots because I had previously shared the backstory, but most guests likely won’t have that background as the story isn’t featured on the Angel of Light website or on the Fever ticketing site. That said, maybe that didn’t matter much since I still enjoyed myself, as did my wife, who had no knowledge of the story and appreciated the experience for its beautiful location, haunting atmosphere, and engaging actors.

Here are a few items of caution for folks who may want to experience this:

  • The finale leverages power strobe lights
  • There are a significant number of stairs throughout
  • The second portion of the walkthrough experience may be difficult for people who suffer from claustrophobia

The “Angel of Light” experience will run through October 31, with performances from Wednesday through Sunday. Tickets start at just $59.50 per person, and a special limited VIP Experience will be available on Friday, October 13, through October 31. The event is for ages 16 and up unless accompanied by a parent and is not recommended for children under 13. For more information and tickets, visit the Fever website.

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