Apparently, There’s a ‘True Blood’ Musical in the Works

Eric, Sooki, and Bill from True Blood with the True Blood logo

The creator of “True Blood” revealed that there is apparently a musical version of the story in the works. This according to Deadline, which shared that Alan Ball discussed the musical endeavor during a 10th anniversary screening of the show at Vulture Festival in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Initially announced in 2014, the musical from composer Nathan Barr is currently being workshopped and apparently deviates a bit from the original story line.

“It tells the story of vampires coming out of the closet,” Ball said. “Ultimately it really departs from the book, because people aren’t ready, and they’re too bigoted and they end up going back in to the closet.” Ball also shared that he’s heard the musical is “pretty good.”

It’s unclear if Ball will be involved with the production and there are currently no details around when or where this musical would be performed.

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