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Are We Finally Getting Addams Family Funko Pop! Figures?

The Addams Family Title Screen

UPDATE: They’re here! The Addams Family Funko Pop! figures were announced as part of Toy Fair 2019. See them and all the other Toy Fair 2019 announcements here.

There seems to be a Funko Pop! figure for every movie, television series, or cartoon you can think of. But strangely, the only way you’ve ever been able to get your hands on an Addams Family Pop!, is if you purchased a custom Pop figure created by third-party sellers. However, a new Reddit post highlighted by, suggests that we may finally be able to add members of everyone’s favorite creepy and kooky family to their collection.

In the post titled, “New spooky pops appearing in Walgreens system!” a user shared an image of what called a Walgreens inventory screen which listed Addams characters Morticia, Gomez, and Uncle Fester.

Funko has not made any announcements about an Addams series, so what version of the Addams Family this may be is still to be determined. The new Addams Family animated movie is due out later this year, so based on timing we could be seeing Pop! figures tied to the new film.

The “leaked” image which first appeared on Reddit can be seen below. In addition to the Addams Pop! figures a number of other horror or horror adjacent Pop! figures appear in the list.

Alleged Walgreens inventory screen featuring The Addams Family and other horror Pop! figures
(Image: MtnDoobie on Reddit)

If any of you work for Walgreens and are able to confirm the legitimacy of this screen I’d love to know. I’d also love to know what all the (H)’s mean. Does that perhaps imply Halloween?

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