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Augmented Reality Horror Experience Coming to Select Theaters This Halloween Season

A unique augmented reality (AR) horror experience just launched across movie screens nationwide from Noovie. Moviegoers who have, or download, the the Noovie ARcade app will have the opportunity to experience the Noovie ARcade Halloween Experience now through Halloween on over 20,800 movie screens in over 1,650 top theaters across the country, including AMC, Cinemark, Regal Entertainment Group, and 55 other regional and local exhibitors.

The experience will play about 20 minutes before the feature film starts during the Noovie pre-show and will be available ahead of Venom, Halloween or any PG-13 and R-rated films—this October.

Over a million moviegoers have already downloaded the Noovie ARcade app and have been using it to play interactive Augmented Reality games on the big screen, including Cinevaders, Emoji Escape and Kernel Cannon.

Can’t wait until your next movie visit to experience this Noovie ARcade Halloween Experience? Download the app and experience it on the small screen below, but honestly this looks like something that would be a lot more fun on the big screen in a dark theater with other people playing along.

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