Awaken Labs Announces New Open-World Survival Horror Game ‘Project: Mist’

Awaken Realms has announced a new open-world survival horror game called “Project: Mist.” Developed by Chicken Launcher, this dark and mysterious adventure invites gamers to explore an eerie island, confront colossal monsters, build and defend bases, and wield the incredible power of the Gravity Gun.

In “Project: Mist,” players are granted total freedom. There are no forced quests, no hand-holding, and no restrictions on how you choose to survive in this unforgiving environment. Every decision you make can mean the difference between life and death. Resourcefulness, cunning, and determination are your only allies in the face of unrelenting terror. Farm, cook, and craft special consumables, weapons of war, and ammunition as you strive to outwit the horrors that threaten your existence.

The game is set on an enigmatic island, where rusted mechs, flying whales, and hidden secrets behind a massive wall await your discovery. There, you’ll also find awe-inspiring giants. Will you run from them, hunt them down, or simply marvel at their majesty? The choice is yours, but every encounter is a pulse-pounding experience.

Your base is your lifeline in this merciless world. Construct, fortify, and protect it against relentless threats. Utilize traps, siege weapons, power mines, energy turrets, and a vast array of arsenal to gain the upper hand in the battle for survival.

“Project: Mist” promises to deliver an unparalleled gaming experience for survival horror fans, offering a vast, immersive world where your choices genuinely matter.

The game is set to be released in 2024, with a playable demo available during Steam NEXT Fest in February. The game is a single-player experience with plans to introduce a multiplayer co-op mode at a later date.

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