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Begging For Candy – A Web Comic For Those Who Need Some Halloween Year Round

I don’t remember how or when I first stumbled upon the Pumpkinrot blog, I just know it’s been a number of years and one of my favorite features are the Begging for Candy webcomics.  These single cell comics created by the mysterious persona known as “Pumpkinrot” capture the dark, but comedic conversations between two trick or treaters on Halloween night.  Each comic is in a different setting and occasionally the styling of the artwork will change, but our two protagonists always remain. Obsessed with Bigfoot, the homeless, and full sized candy bars, one wears a jack-o-lantern mask and claims to be the “physical embodiment of Halloween,” the other wears a mask similar to Lock in Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas.  The comics began in 2012 and there have been over 200 entries.  Below are my 20 favorite comics from the series.

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You can check out the complete Begging For Candy series here.


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