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Candy Corn PEZ Is Finally Here!

Last year, PEZ unveiled it would be releasing four new seasonal flavors during the Sweets and Snacks Expo. One of those flavors was candy corn, which was scheduled for a Halloween 2018 release. If you picked up any of this year’s Halloween PEZ dispensers you may have already tried the new candy as the new seasonal flavor was included. However, if you weren’t looking to buy a new PEZ dispenser, but wanted to try out candy corn PEZ for yourself, you’re in luck!

While I haven’t yet seen the refill packs in stores, PEZ is now selling the candy corn PEZ flavor in their online shop. Being sold in a pack of six for just $1.79 you can finally try this new seasonal flavor or if you’ve already had it and are craving more, now you can refill.

Candy Corn PEZ six pack
(Image: PEZ)
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