Devil May Cry Animated Series in Development from Netflix Castlevania Producer

The Capcom video game series “Devil May Cry” will be getting an animated adaptation from Netflix’s “Castlevania” Executive Producer Adi Shankar.

In a bizarre interview with IGN, Shankar shared with Jacki Jing that he had acquired the rights himself, ensuring he would have the creative freedoms needed to do the series well. He also said “Devil May Cry” would join “Castlevania” in what he referred to as a ‘bootleg multiverse’ before walking away from the interview. He did not share what that meant, and it was hard to take the interview seriously, so take it for what its worth. Will we see a crossover between “Castlevania” and “Devil May Cry?” or was this simply a jab at all the “universes” Hollywood has created? Only time will tell.

Though the “Castlevania” and “Devil May Cry” video games take place in two very different timelines and more importantly are from two different developers (Konami and Capcom respectively) there are parallels in the stories’ main characters. In “Castlevania” the Belmonts are a line of vampire hunters, wherein “Devil May Cry” the main protagonist Dante is a demon hunter. Since both hunt evil, it’s possible that the lore of the Belmont clan in 15th Century Wallachia could be referenced in the “Devil May Cry” storyline, which takes place years in the future.

IGN’s Jacki Jing and David Griffin speculate that the two series would work as a multiverse similar to The CW’s DC multiverse where the two shows take place at different places and in different times but find a means of crossing over every so often. Since we’re dealing with the supernatural, demons, and vampires I guess anything is possible, even time travel.

Shankar shared his excitement for the series with this very Devil May Cry tweet:

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