Director Andrew Bowser Seeks Investors for Horror Short ‘Little Willy’

Director and Bizarre States Podcast co-host Andrew Bowser has taken to social media to seek out investors for a new short film project called Little Willy.

In an entertaining IGTV video sharing the concept behind the film and the need for investors, Bowser explains that the film is about a former child actor most known for playing in a series of films called “Little Willy.” While at a horror convention, the former child star begins to think that the doll from the films has started talking to him. A concept very much in line with what’s taking place during the two and a half minute video Bowseris using to promote the idea. “Meta!”

In the video Bowser also shares that he already has a team lined up for the project, including DP, talent, and location. Bowser himself is slotted to play the role of the “crazy guy,” “Because I’m good at playing crazy,” jokes Bowser. At this point, the only thing missing is the money needed for the project and rather than use Kickstarter or another crowdfunding ventures, Bowser wants to get people involved who are invested in the project so that they would actually own a piece of “Little Willy” and any future derivative works. You can check out the full video shared by Bowser about the project below.

Those interested in becoming an investor can submit their interest through A poster for the film has already been created by artist Chey Espejo. Check it out below!

Little Willy movie poster
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