Documentary Exploring the Real-Life Events that Inspired ‘Cocaine Bear’ Headed to Peacock

Peacock has announced the premiere date and debuted a trailer for a new original documentary that dives into the bizarre actual events behind the hit Hollywood movie “Cocaine Bear.”

“Cocaine Bear: The True Story” will tell the story of Kentucky blueblood Drew Thornton and the infamous drug run that will forever link him to a Georgia bear on cocaine. The one-hour documentary features interviews with those closest to the case, including the former sheriff who was one of the first on the scene and the special agent whose team found The Cocaine Bear.

In the hit film “Cocaine Bear,” a huge bag full of cocaine drops out of the sky into the woods of North Georgia and is eaten by a black bear, who goes on an epic rampage. It all seems like fantasy, but it’s actually based on a true story that’s just as bizarre as the movie plot, involving drug cartels, murder, mayhem, and a Lexington, Kentucky, blueblood named Drew Thornton. Thornton turns his back on a life of privilege to embrace the dark side, turning from cop to international drug smuggler, flying planeloads of cocaine into America from South America. But one day, he mysteriously falls to his death in a Knoxville, Tennessee driveway with his own huge bag of cocaine, armed to the teeth and wearing a pair of Gucci loafers. How this modern-day Icarus and his fancy shoes have become forever connected to the cocaine bear is the legend behind “Cocaine Bear: The True Story.”

“Cocaine Bear: The True Story” will premiere on Peacock this Friday, April 14.

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