E3 2019: ‘Luigi’s Mansion 3’ Gets New Gameplay Trailer

During the Nintendo Direct E3 2019 presentation this morning, Nintendo unveiled a new gameplay trailer for “Luigi’s Mansion 3.”

In the latest game in the “Luigi’s Masnion” franchise we find Luigi, Mario, and the rest of the gang from the Mushroom Kingdom on vacation and a luxurious hotel, but not is all as it seems.

The new trailer shows us more of what to expect in the new game along with gampeplay features including new tools for busting ghosts, a new co-op playable character Gooigi, and a new local or online co-op gameplay “ScareScraper Mode” where you team up with friends to defeat the ghosts before time runs out.

“Luigi’s Mansion 3” will be released sometime later this year for the Nintendo Switch.

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