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Eggo Kicks Off Mysterious ‘Stranger Things’ Marketing Campaign That Includes Limited Edition Boxes of Eggos

Eggo has kicked off a new marketing campaign ahead of “Stranger Things 3”. Like LEGO, (which is really funny because the brands rhyme) the brand has claimed to have unearthed a series of unreleased Eggo ads from 1985. As part of the campaign, Eggo has begun releasing the ads on social media, including Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with each ad featuring a “Stranger Things” easter egg in them. The ads are a fun way to engage their social media audiences, but also to promote the release of their Limited Edition 1985 Eggo Box.

Eggo Limited Edition 1985 graphics box
(Image: Amazon)

The box is currently available exclusively through AmazonFresh, but after July 4th will be made more widely available with the Limited Edition 1985 Eggo Boxes appearing in select stores across the U.S.

Eggo has also posted faux billboards for Eggo in towns by the name of Hawkins across North America including Arkansas, Arizona, Idaho, Maine, Michigan, Texas, and Wisconsin. The billboard features typical Eggo brand imagery, but the ‘E’ in Eggo is dripping blood, a nod to the “Stranger Things” character Eleven who is famously known for eating Eggo’s and suffers from a nose bleed anytime she uses her telekinetic powers.

"Stranger Things" Eggo bilboard in Hawkins, Arkansas

You can go on your own Eggo Easter egg hunt and learn more about the limited edition boxes of Eggo waffles at

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