Experimental Horror Adventure Game ‘Stories Untold’ Available For Free in Epic Games Store

Epic Games is offering the experimental horror adventure game, “Stories Untold” as the latest free game in the Epic Games Store. The game is the latest in a series of free games Epic has released since last December as part of its plan to promote the store by offering a free game every two weeks during its first year of business.

“Stories Untold” is an episodic horror adventure-puzzle game that combines genres to create a truly unique gaming experience. Mixing classic text-adventure, point-and-click, and puzzle solving, the game consists of four episodes each of which tell a unique story and use their own style of gameplay and mechanics.

Taking place in the 80s and featuring a synth-wave soundtrack, the nostalgia factor in “Stories Untold” is huge, so if you’re a baby of the 80’s you’ll definitely want to pick this one up while you can.

The game will be available for free in the Epic Games store through May 30th.

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