Farmers Insurance Gets In the Halloween Spirit With “Stranger Claims”

Farmers Insurance has built its recent advertising efforts around their “Hall of Claims” campaign.  The TV spots, which star actor J.K. Simmons, feature dramatized versions of out of the ordinary real-life insurance claims.  Recently, the insurance company created five new online ads highlighting claims with spookier, or more mysterious aspects, calling them “Stranger Claims.”  You can view each ad below, or visit the Farmers Insurance website to explore the spots in a special 360-degree virtual experience.

The Stranger Claims

Hidden in the darkest corner of The Hall of Claims is the final resting place of some of the strangest tales of misfortune. However shocking, they are all real insurance claims


A tale of larceny like nothing you’ve seen.

The Thing In The Car

Gaze into your rearview mirror long enough, and something just might gaze back.

Dawn of the Deer

The hunger drives the horde forward. And straight through anything in their path.

Revenge of the Sycamores

In the windstorm, no one can hear you scream “timber.”


One man tries to solve the mysteries of the universe, from his driveway.

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