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Find Out What Hotel Transylvania Monster You Are in a New Fandango Quiz

Hotel Transylvania 3 hits theaters this Friday, July 13 (Check out the trailer here) and ahead of its release Fandango has launched an online quiz to find out what monster you are.

The quiz asks you a series of questions related to what you like to do for fun, your love life, and friendships and then decides based on your answers what Hotel Transylvania you are.  I took the quiz today and found out that I am Murray, the mummy.

Murray the Mummy from Hotel Transylvania 3 dancing on a bar

“You may be undead, but you’re the life of every party! You’re excitable and energetic, but you can wear yourself out with all that fun. When that happens, there’s nothing better than a vacation!”

You can find out what monster you are by taking the quiz over on Fandango.

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