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‘Fright Night’ Gets A Live Table Read Featuring Mark Hamill, Rosario Dawson, Christopher Sarandon, Tom Holland, and More of the Original Cast

The cast and crew of the Fright Night table read

The award-winning podcast “Table Read” debuted a special episode on Tuesday featuring the cast of the 1985 horror classic “Fright Night” with special guests Mark Hamill and Rosario Dawson to do a live table read of Tom Holland’s 1985 horror film “Fright Night.” “Fright Night” follows the story of teenager Charley Brewster, who discovers his neighbor Jerry Dandrige is a vampire and seeks assistance from a TV show host turned vampire hunter to stop Jerry’s reign of terror.

The table read features original cast members Chris Sarandon as Jerry Dandridge, William Ragsdale as Charley Brewster, Amanda Bearse as Amy Peterson, Stephen Geoffreys as Evil Ed Thompson, Art Evens as Detective Lennox, Dorothy Fielding as Judy Brewster, and Jonathan Stark as Billy Cole.

In addition to the distinguished cast, special guest Mark Hamill assumed the iconic role of vampire hunter Peter Vincent, originally portrayed by the late Roddy McDowall. Rosario Dawson stepped in to play Miss Nina and other characters.

“Fright Night” director Tom Holland was again at the helm, with the live reading taking place under his direction. “Bringing the original Fright Night cast back together with some very special guests for a reading of the film’s script on the Table Read Podcast has been an incredible experience,” said Holland. “For the first time, we’ve reunited the original cast of this iconic masterpiece, bringing friends and creators together to celebrate both the past and the future. This is more than just a reunion—it’s a celebration of a beloved work enhanced by esteemed community members who elevate the experience even further. Manifest Media’s team has captivated audiences for the past year, consistently ranking in the top 10. I’m confident that this new project will not only delight our loyal listeners but also attract a whole new audience eager to experience the magic of ‘Fright Night.'”

Equally thrilled about his involvement, Mark Hamill commented, “I’m really looking forward to the episode, not only because of my love of Fright Night, but for the chance to play Peter Vincent & honor the legacy of the great Roddy MacDowall. I shared a dressing room with Roddy while doing a TV movie called Earth Angel & I’ll never forget his wit, charm & kindness, not to mention his memories of the Golden Age of Hollywood. I will treasure my experience with him forever & am humbled to join the wonderful original cast for this unique event.”

Christopher Sarandon added, “This ‘Fright Night’ table read is, in many ways, a dream come true. While we cast members have remained close friends for years since the original shooting of the movie, the idea of sitting down and re-creating our work on this iconic and enduring work by writer/Director Tom Holland is almost too good to be true.”

The latest episode of Table Read featuring the live reading of “Fright Night” is available now wherever you listen to podcasts.

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