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Funko Announces Massive New Selection of Stranger Things Toys & Collectibles

Funko has been on a roll as of late when it comes to new toy releases. So much so that this particular toy lover feels as though the toy maker is trying to bankrupt him. That said, Funko has announced a slew of new “Stranger Things” toys. Beyond Pop! figures, this new selection features 5 Star figures, ornaments, a plush and more. Check out the full line of “coming soon” releases below.

This holiday season you’ll be able to give your tree an Upside Down twist thanks to a new line of Christmas tree ornaments featuring all of your favorite characters from Hawkins. Though not necessarily 5 Star figures, the ornaments have a similar look to them. The series will include  Dustin with his trusty backpack, Mike and his walkie talkie, Will also carrying a backpack filled with supplies, Lucas with his binoculars and army fatigue headband, Eleven in her power stance with bloody nose, Steve armed with a vicious-looking bat, Hopper with his donut and coffee and the Demogorgon. Hot Topic will have an exclusive set of ornaments that come with Eleven, Steve Harrington and the Demogorgon.

Funko Stranger Things Ornaments

Speaking of 5 Star figures, Funko has also announced a new series of Stranger Things 5 Star figures. The new series will include Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin and Eleven. Mike is armed with a walkie talkie and flashlight, Will has a mixtape and sketch of the Upside Down, Lucas is prepared with a slingshot and binoculars, Dustin can help the group find its way with a compass
and D’artagnan his pet slug and Eleven has her blonde wig and a box of Eggo waffles in case she gets hungry.

Funko 5 Star Stranger Things Toys

Funko is also releasing a new Stranger Things Vynl two-pack. The new Vynl duo includes Steve and Dustin from season 2 as they traversed the Upside Down.

Dustin + Steve Funko Vynl.
(Image: Funko)

If you just can’t get enough of that adorable smoke monster (Wait, what?) Funko has turned the beast that haunts Will’s dreams into a a Funko SuperCute Plush.

Stranger Things Smoke Monster Funko SuperCute Plush
(Image: Funko)

Finally, in the Pop! world, Stranger Things is getting two Pop! TV Moment scenes, five new Pop! figures, and a Target exclusive 10″ Pop!

The first new Pop! TV Moment recreates the ending scene from season one of the show as Eleven faces off against the Demogorgon in a Hawkins Middle School classroom.

Funko Pop! TV Moment Eleven and the Demogorgon
(Image: Funko)

The second new Pop! TV Moment features Steve and his trusty bat going head to head with a vicious demodog.

Funko Pop! TV Moment Steve and Demodog
(Image: Funko)

The standalone Pop! figures getting ready to be released include Mike and Eleven in their Snowball Dance attire. Pop! Hopper with a cup of coffee and a flashlight. And finally Eleven in her burger.

Mike (Snowball Dance), Eleven (Snowball Dance), Hopper, and Eleven (Burger T-Shirt) Pop! figures

As always, when there are new Pop! releases someone is sure to get an exclusive and for this series, Hot Topic will get an exclusive Pop! Dustin sporting the protective gear he wore as he tried to find a much larger, less friendly Dart.

Funko Pop! Dustin (Hockey Gear) Figure
(Image: Funko)

Finally, as mentioned at the beginning of this section Target will be getting an exclusive 10″ Demogorgon.

10” Pop! Demogorgon
(Image: Funko)

While not specific dates were announced for release, Funko does state in the announcement that all of these toys and collectibles will be available sometime “this Fall.” So keep an eye out as they’re sure to hit stores soon.

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