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Funko Announces New Annabelle Pop! Figures & Series 2 Horror 5 Star Figures

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It’s been a pretty solid couple of weeks for Halloween and horror fans in terms of Funko announcements. Last week we got a new Hocus Pocus Pop! announcement, there was an “Alien Day” exclusive Ripley release, and we’ve since seen Pop! announcements based on The Nun and Teen Wolf. Today, Funko announced two new Annabelle Pop! figures along with a new series of Horror 5 Star Figures.

For fans of the Annabelle doll from The Conjuring universe, there are two new Pop! figures being released later this year that you’ll want to check out. The first is based on the upcoming release Annabelle Comes Home and features the possessed doll sitting in her chair.

Funko Pop! figure featuring Annabelle sitting in a chair from 'Annabelle Comes Home'
(Image: Funko)

The Pop! is scheduled to be released in September, and is already available for pre-order through Entertainment Earth.

The second Annabelle Pop! announced is a Hot Topic exclusive and is based on Annabelle in the film Annabelle: Creation. Details on a release date were not readily available at the time of this writing, though one can assume it would be released on a similar timeline to the Annabelle Comes Home Pop!

Hot Topic exclusive 'Annabelle: Creation' Pop! figure
(Image: Funko)

Funko also announced its second series of Horror 5 Star figures. The 5 Star product line from Funko takes your favorite licenses and recreates them in a new cute, cartoon-like form. The first series of Horror 5 Star figures featured Feddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Chucky from the Child’s Play franchise and Pennywise from IT (2017).

The new series announced today is scheduled to be released in September and will feature two of the most prominent characters from The Conjuring universe, Annabelle and the nun, as well as Michael Myers from Halloween and Jack Torrance from The Shining.

Annabelle, The Nun, Michael Myers, and Jack Torrance Funko 5 Star figures
(Image: Funko)

Each character comes with their own accessories. Annabelle features a note that says “Miss me?” and red crayon, the nun comes with an alternate face sculpt, Michael Myers comes with his iconic knife, and Jack Torrance comes with an ax and typewriter.

Funko 5 Star figures are widely available wherever you buy Funko productions, but to guarantee you receive them, they are already up for pre-order through Entertainment Earth. Links to each of the figures available for pre-order are below.

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