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Funko Releasing an 8-Bit Altered Beast Pop!

The regular and gold edition Altered Beast werewolf 8-Bit Funko Pop! figures

Funko has announced an all-new pair of 8-Bit Pop! figures set to be released later this year and inspired by the classic SEGA game Altered Beast.

The game, which turns 30 this year, was a side-scrolling beat ’em up game where you played as a centurion raised from the dead by Zeus in an effort to help rescue his daughter Athena from the Underworld Demon God Neff.  In the game, you could collect power-ups that would allow your centurion to turn into a variety of beasts, including a werewolf and the more powerful golden werewolf, both of which are the inspiration for Funko’s latest 8-Bit Pop! figures.

The basic Altered Beast Werewolf Pop! will be widely available this August, but the all-gold version of the Altered Beast werewolf will be available exclusively through GameStop.


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