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Funko Unveils All Things IT With New Action Figures, Plushies, and Pop! Figures

Toy Fair New York wrapped yesterday and if there was one theme that crossed all lines of horror toys and collectibles it was IT.  The 2017 re-imagining of the Stephen King classic licensed new toys from a number of toy makers including NECA, who revealed both 1990 IT and 2017 IT figures for multiple lines.  Among other toy makers with large IT collections was Funko.  For Toy Fair New York 2018 Funko unveiled new action figures, plushies and Pop! figures from the 2017 film.

Action Figures

The new Funko IT action figures will come in three different packs.  Each featuring Pennywise in a different form and two different members of the Losers Club.  The first pack features Pennywise in a normal state with a red balloon along with Georgie and Bill.

Pennywise, Georgie and Bill action figures and accessories

The second pack features a more menacing Pennywise with Georgie’s arm along with Beverly and Ben.

Pennywise, Beverly and Ben action figures and accessories

The third set features another terrifying Pennywise, this time with his spider leg arms along with Eddie and Richie.

Pennywise, Eddie and Richie action figures and accessories

Each set of characters comes with varying accessories from the film such as Georgie’s boat.


The second series of IT merchandise announced from Funko was the smiling and monster version of Pennywise as a SuperCute Plush (Their name not mine.)  Ironically the “monster” version of Pennywise has a blood-soaked face but looks like an adorable baby with giant eyes and a grin.  The “smiling” SuperCute Plush looks much more menacing.

Smiling and Monster Pennywise SuperCute Plush

Pop! Movies IT Series 2

The second series of Funko’s Pop! Movies IT figures feature Losers Club members Bill, Ben, Beverly, Richie, Mike and Stan, along with Georgie and three new Pennywise figures.

Bill, Ben, Richie, Eddie, Mike and Stan Pop! figures

The new short-haired Beverly figure will also have a blood-soaked chase figure.

Beverly and Beverly Chase Pop! figures

Georgie will have a severed arm chase variant and Pennywise will be available with spider legs.  Amazon will also carry an exclusive Pennywise with Georgie’s severed arm and FYE will carry an exclusive Pennywise with the bar through his head.

Georgie and Georgie Chase Pop! figures along with three new Pennywise variant Pop! figures

In terms of release date, it simply says “this Winter” and some online shops already have the items available for pre-order, so my hunch is we’ll start seeing some of these new IT toys hit stores in the next month.

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