‘Goosebumps’ Is Headed To Comic Shops This October

Goosebumps, the popular children’s horror novel series from author R.L. Stine is making the jump to comics this fall in celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary.  Each three issue arc will feature a brand-new, self-contained story developed by rotating creative teams using Stine’s concepts and characters as inspiration.

My first reading thrill when I was a kid were the EC horror comics Tales From the Crypt and The Vault of Horror,” said Stine. “They introduced me to the excitement of reading. Now all these years later, I have another thrill — seeing my stories and characters come to life in a comic book series of their own.

This is the second Goosebumps incarnation as a comic book; Scholastic, the publisher of the original Stine novels, released three Goosebumps Graphix books in 2006.

The first issue, Goosebumps: Monsters at Midnight, will be written by Jeremy Lambert with art by Chris Fenoglio and return readers to the familiar setting of Horrorland. The series is expected to hit comic book stores and be released digitally on October 25.  More details on the series are expected to be revealed during next week’s San Diego Comic-Con.  Fenoglio’s cover for the first book can be seen below.

Goosebumps: Monsters At Midnight cover

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