Halloween Hitmakers LVCRFT Drop Pride EP ‘Drip’

As the season of Pride begins, LVCRFT is kicking things off with their latest release, “Drip,” a collection of three electrifying tracks with some of the most iconic drag artists in music.


The title track, “Drip,” featuring Laganja Estranja, is a fierce diva house anthem that will have you strutting your way to the dancefloor. Laganja Estranja’s unmistakable charisma and sass blend seamlessly with LVCRFT’s pulsating beats, making this track a must-have for this year’s pride parades.

Recent single, “Haute As Hell,” featuring TRASHWORLD, also appears on the EP. The track explores pop music’s grimy and glitchy side, as LVCRFT effortlessly melds gritty electronic beats with infectious hooks that will have you dancing till you’re dead.

Rounding out the EP is the enigmatic “In The Dark,” featuring Morgan McMichaels and Mr. He. This spooky dance track plunges you into a world of mystery and allure as Morgan McMichaels’ mesmerizing vocals intertwine with Mr. He’s evocative melodies, creating a hauntingly unforgettable soundscape.

“Drip” is available now wherever you listen to LVCRFT.

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