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Have A Nightmare Before Christmas Tattoo? You Could Be Part of a 25th Anniversary Book About The Film

October 13 will mark the 25th anniversary of the release of Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated classic, The Nightmare Before Christmas.  To celebrate, Disney and author Dave Bossert are working on a book, tentatively titled, The Nightmare Before Christmas Visual Companion.  The book will explore the making of and behinds the scenes of the film as well as the afterlife of the film and the phenomenon it’s become.  As part of the afterlife story, Bossert is looking to put together a two page spread in the book dedicated to Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos.

Because one of the aspects that I think was really fascinating when I started working on this project was, you know, when we talk about the afterlife of the film, there’s an enormous fan base out there who have tattoos of the characters on their body. And I’ve seen photos of some just absolutely amazing tattoos that were done, you know, like a Jack Skellington down somebody’s entire arm, because he’s such a skinny character. What I’m looking for now, and I hope that I can get help from you and your audience, is I’d love for people to send in pictures of Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos to me and we’re going to make a selection of them and I want to do like a two-page spread of showcasing all the different Nightmare Before Christmas tattoos that people have,” Bossert told Laughing Place.

To collect the images, Bossert has setup a special email account at where fans can email in a JPEG of their nightmarish ink.

If they send me a JPEG, we’re going to take all the submissions and just lay them out on a table and we’re going to pick out the ones we want to put into the book that represent all the characters and then we’ll go back to those people and get them to sign a release, letting us use the photo, and also, we’ll give them attribution, we’ll give them some credit for their photo.

You can read the full interview with David Bossert discussing the 25th Anniversary Book and the legacy of The Nightmare Before Christmas on

Image Credit: Infinite Worlds

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