If You Still Get the Print Edition of The New York Times, You May Want to Check Yesterday’s Paper for Some ‘Stranger Things’ Fun from Google

It’s likely too late to pick up an issue at your local news stand, but if you subscribe to the print edition of The New York Times, you may want to check it out sooner rather than later if you’re a fan of “Stranger Things.”

In yesterday’s paper, Google and Netflix teamed up to place three ads for Starcourt Mall, the new mega mall in Hawkins, Indiana that took center stage in season three of “Stranger Things.” But these aren’t just any ads, the ads are enhanced by Google’s Google Lens app. By scanning the ads with Google Lens, you’ll get a strange AR experience that enhances your newspaper with a digital overlay full of “Stranger Things” goodness.

How to use Google Lens in New York Times
(Image: Google)
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