Interstellar Psychological Thriller ‘Fort Solis’ Getting Physical Release on the PS5 in the U.S.

Merge Games and publisher Dear Villagers have announced the highly anticipated single-player adventure “Fort Solis” will receive a physical version on PlayStation 5 for North American players! Starring acclaimed actors Troy Baker (“The Last of Us”), Roger Clark (“Red Dead Redemption II”), and Julia Brown (“World on Fire”), this psychological thriller immerses players in a remote and desolate base on Mars, set over the course of one long night.

Set against the eerie backdrop of the dark and barren red planet, in this third-person adventure, you play Jack, who is set on an isolated mission to discover the whereabouts of a missing crew. As the night grows longer, players will explore deep within the tunnels and corridors of a mining facility on Mars, unfolding the harrowing mystery.

“Fort Solis” delivers a high-fidelity experience designed to immerse the player completely. Experience fear, empathy, worry and wonder with every chapter. Discover collectibles as you search the base, with audio logs, surveillance footage, and more revealing clues, enriching the core narrative.

The skeleton of Fort Solis spans the subterranean layers of the Mars surface. The base contains a variety of locations, each with its own surface and subsurface levels.

Players can explore the isolated storm-bearing surface, the creepy service tunnels absent of any light, or the multiple departments that help Fort Solis function on a day-to-day basis, such as Engineering, Medical, and Communications.

As the story unfolds, areas can be revisited for additional story context or continue to serve as a backdrop to the fate that awaits Jack with each passing hour.

Physical versions of Fort Solis include the game’s original soundtrack along with a digital artbook exploring the incredible art behind the immersive experience. The game is scheduled to launch on PlayStation 5 later this year.

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