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Is a Zombie Frappuccino Coming To Starbucks This Halloween?

New Zombie Frappuccino black and white image
Day of the Human

Starbucks is brewing more than just coffee this week as buzz has started to brew around a rumor that the coffee giant may be releasing a special Halloween themed Frappuccino later this month.

Rumored to be named the “Zombie Frappuccino,” the novelty drink will follow in the footsteps of other specialty Frapps from 2017 like the Mermaid Frappuccino and Unicorn Frappucino, which were both extremely colorful.  According to information obtained from Day of the Human, the Frapps will have a classic cartoon zombie feel using green like zombie skin and pink to resemble insides.  To create this look the base creme Frappuccino syrup will have a green caramel apple powder and pink powder mixed in.  The drink will then be topped with pink “brains” whipped cream and a pink mocha drizzle.

While nothing has officially been released by Starbucks, internal documentation from baristas seems to be making its way online that supports the release of the drink.

If the documents are real it looks like the Zombie Frapps will be hitting stores on October 26 and will run through Halloween, or while supplies last.

I’m not big on the whole Starbucks craze, but I might have to stop in on my way to work on the 26th and give one of these a whirl!

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