Jenna Ortega is Possessed in SNL ‘The Exorcist’ Parody Sketch

Actress Jenna Ortega, who has quickly become a modern-day scream queen thanks to her recent roles in the “Scream” franchise, “X,” and Netflix’s “Wednesday,” was the host of this week’s “Saturday Night Live.” Ortega appeared in several of the night’s sketches, but one, in particular, will be of interest to horror fans.

Titled, “Exorcism,” the sketch is a clear parody of “The Exorcist” and features Ortega as a young girl possessed by a demon. But when a young priest fails to exercise the demon, the ruckus awakens the upstairs neighbor Mrs. Shaw, played by Ego Nwodim. Not ready to let a possessed girl get in the way of her eight hours of sleep, Mrs. Shaw takes matters into her own hands and uses a very different approach to ridding the girl of the demon.

Check out the sketch below:

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