Keep the Fun of ‘Stranger Things 3’ Going by Joining Operation Scoop Snoop

Steve and Dustin spying at the Starcourt Mall in "Stranger Things 3"

If you ever wished you could be part of the adventures in “Stranger Things” a new alternate reality game (ARG) that’s currently taking place might be of some interest.

For those unfamiliar with ARGs (I know I wasn’t), they are a type of game that brings fictional narratives and puzzle solving into the real world. With information seeded over time, you can uncover real phone numbers, hidden websites, and sometimes physical locations that help you move forward in the game. Over the last few weeks a “Stranger Things 3” ARG has been unfolding thanks to Baskin-Robbins and their Scoops Ahoy tie-ins.

The ARG was discovered a couple of different ways. First, some fans saw the Baskin-Robbins commercial that said to call an 800-number and others uncovered it by translating the Morse code on a label for U.S.S. Butterscotch at the Scoops Ahoy pop-up shop at Baskin-Robbins in Burbank, CA. The morse code translates into a phone number 1-888-273-9152, that, when called prompts you to enter a password.

Morse code on U.S.S. Butterscotch label at the Scoops Ahoy Pop-up shop in Burbank

The password, which can be uncovered using a decoder wheel at Baskin-Robbins is “CEREBRO,” which of course is the name of the communication tower Dustin built at Camp Know Where.

Once entered you’ll be given details on how to enlist in “Operation Scoop Snoop,” a covert mission to find and close portals, or gates, popping up around the world. Your first mission, if you choose to accept it, is to connect to a secure server, which they note is “well beyond anything 1985 has to offer.” You’ll then be given an IP and port to connect to, which is where things get a bit more technical since you can’t just access these things via your web browser.

For Windows users, I found this article to be particularly helpful in getting my computer set up to access the IP and port provided without requiring third-party software. Once connected, you’ll see the below screen and be on your way to joining “Operation Scoop Snoop.”

Operation Scoop Snoop

Once enlisted you’ll begin getting clues that you’ll need to start solving for, which means you’ll need to use your best internet research skills to uncover information about real life locations and events that may be tied to portals. Since this began on July 5, depending on when you start playing you’ll likely be able to complete a few of these clues during your first run before being told to come back for your next mission.

If you decide to play along and want some help along the way there is an entire Reddit thread with answers to some of the clues as well as a Discord server with players sharing the latest information. Good luck Scoop Snoops!

h/t: Mashable
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