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La Femme En Noir Debuts New Collection Inspired by ‘Bram Stoker’s Dracula’

Los Angeles-based apparel company and high-end Gothic fashion house Micheline Pitt Design has announced a fashion collaboration with Sony Pictures Consumer Products inspired by “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” The Fall/Winter 2023-2024 Apparel and Accessories Collection is the first-ever fashion collection for the film.

“Bram Stoker’s Dracula is truly a dream collaboration for me; I still remember seeing the film at a local movie theater for my birthday when I was a kid. It had such a huge impact on me. The costumes, the elaborate set pieces, the incredibly beautiful yet horrifying practical effects, I was nothing short of mesmerized,” said La Femme en Noir co-owner and designer Micheline Pitt. “Being Romanian, I have had a long obsession with vampires, especially the story of ‘Dracula,’ so getting to design a collection that is so entwined in my heritage is a unique and rare opportunity.”

The collection, inspired by the film’s costume design, will be a concentrated and smaller capsule collection focused on each garment’s couture.

“We felt this movie was a perfect project for us considering Micheline’s Romanian heritage and my East Asian culture,” said La Femme en Noir co-owner and designer Lynh Haaga. “We are excited to showcase our interpretation and hope we’ve created a unique collection with deference to the source material.”

Dracula Armor Group

La Femme En Noir has custom-designed a bustier top, pencil skirt, and skater skirt, all inspired by the intricate musculature construction of Vlad’s Order of the Dragon battle armor. Each piece is made in soft quilted vegan leather and in a color that symbolizes the blood he spills and craves.

They have also taken the striking helmet design from the film and recreated a screen-accurate 3D model of it as a matching bag. The bag is made in sturdy sanguine PVC and features the frightening musculature design from the film.

Micheline Pitt models the Quilted Order of the Dragon Armor Bustier Top and Pencil Skirt with the Dragon Helmet Bag.
Micheline Pitt models the Quilted Order of the Dragon Armor Bustier Top and Pencil Skirt with the Dragon Helmet Bag.

Crossbody Bags

The collection features two crossbody bags adorned with ominous “Dracula” gargoyle sculpture relief. Available in black or a quilted red that matches the Dragon Armor Group, this intricately designed hard-shelled crossbody bag features the monstrous gargoyle flanked on either side by bloodthirsty wolves. This sculpted piece is plated in a shiny gunmetal tone, and spikes adorn the shoulder rest of the double chain strap.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Gargoyle Sculpture Crossbody Bag in Black

Film Inspired Dresses

Lucy Bustier Gown with Matching Cape in Fire Orange

This dress symbolizes Lucy’s slow transition from a proper Victorian mortal to a vamp. The rich orange hue is striking against the night scenes in the movie. The bustier of the dress is built from the ground up with cotton/spandex oriental floral jacquard placed under strategic rows of pleated chiffon across the front and back of the bodice. Boning throughout holds the garment’s structure, while a soft and flowy red-orange chiffon maxi skirt completes it. The dress is topped off with a dramatic long, full sweep cape with collar and front spaghetti ties.

Lucy Bustier Gown and Matching Cape in Fire Orange

Mina Satin Bustle Dress in Blood Red

Mina’s look from the movie inspires this lush satin dress. The costume choices in the first half of the film signify her as a proper Victorian woman in modest cuts, and this is the first time we see her less buttoned up as Dracula is seducing her. The bold red shows up only on Mina and Dracula, intertwining their everlasting love and passion.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Mina Satin Bustle Dress in Blood Red

Embroidered Order of the Dragon Wrap Dress in Scarlet Red

One of the most iconic costumes in “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” is the scarlet red kimono-inspired robe. This sumptuous robe, as seen on the ancient Count in his castle, was a unique and inspired choice rather than the traditional black cape we’ve seen in other re-tellings. The robe represents the past’s hold on Dracula and his aversion to change in his current environment. The rich blood-red satin is symbolic of gothic horror.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Embroidered Order of the Dragon Wrap Dress in Scarlet Red

Dracula Novelty Print

For the “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” collection, La Femme En Noir has collaborated with tattoo artist and illustrator Carlos Sierra to create an original illustrated novelty print inspired by the movie. This darkly decadent toile print is painted upon a sea of black crepe fabric and features the art of Dracula as a wolf, with his battle helmet and sword, gothic crimson roses and swirls of filigree, bleeding crosses and straight razors, Lucy as a bride and the gargoyle sculpted doorknocker all strategically placed to tell the tale of “Bram Stoker’s Dracula.” The print is available as a Gothic Tales Swing Dress, button-up short-sleeve shirt, or Belladonna Maxi Dress.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Gothic Tales Swing Dress and Button Up Short Sleeve Shirt in Dracula Novelty Print


Rounding out the collection are two sweatshirts: the Gargoyle Sculpture Sweatshirt, inspired by the film’s logo and poster artwork, and the “Love Never Dies” Sweatshirt, which says Dracula on the front with a dagger and the phrase “Love Never Dies” printed across the back.

BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA Gargoyle Sculpture Sweatshirt in Black and BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA "Love Never Dies" Sweatshirt in Red

This limited edition collection will be released over the fall and winter. For more information on the collection and pre-orders, visit

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