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Lemax Unveils 2019 Spooky Town Collection

Sure, its only February, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start prepping for your Halloween 2019 decorating, and Lemax is ready to help thanks to the announcement of their 2019 Spooky Town releases. The new additions of their spooky village series were announced today and while you’ll see many familiar structures, there are a number of newcomers to the collection including the Crazy Clown Express, Graveyard Party, and the Michael’s exclusive Cursed Cuckoo House. Check out some of the highlights from this year’s collection below!

The Cursed Cuckoo Haus

Winner of the 2017 “You name it. We Create It.” Halloween design contest, “The Cursed Cuckoo Haus” can act as a standalone cuckoo clock or be part of your Lemax village. The green witch’s hands of the Cursed Cuckoo Haus clock spin in reverse as the clock strikes every 30 seconds. When the clock strikes, a bell lights up and the witch that inhabits the clock menacingly reveals herself from the upstairs window.

Crazy Clown Express

The Crazy Clown Express features a locomotive with glowing flames and a spinning clown inside a calliope. Each set comes with the train and 4 straight tracks and 8 curved tracks.

Lemax Crazy Clown Express
(Image: Lemax)

Graveyard Party

It’s a dead man’s party at the new Lemax Graveyard party. This new structure features a coffin that opens and reveals the ghoul inside, ballroom dancers that twirl while circling the coffin, line dancers who move in and out of the mausoleum and figures that pop up from behind their tombstones.

Lemax Graveyard Party
(Image: Lemax)

Doctor Pins & Needles

Have something that ails you? Doctor Pins & Needles’ special spinal therapy might do the trick. Just follow the glowing eyes of the skull atop Doctor Pins & Needles’ practice, the doctor is in…

Lemax Spooky Town Dr. Pins & Needles
(Image: Lemax)

Raven’s Roost Brewery & Cafe

Thirsty? The witches of Raven’s Roost Brewery & Cafe have whipped up some of their best brew for this 2019 addition to Lemax’s Spooky Town.

Raven Roost Brewery & Cafe
(Image: Lemax)

Ghouly Grocer

Offering the freshest meats, lizard legs, eye of newt, and toe of frog in Spooky Town, this new light up house is your one stop shop for Halloween eats.

Lemax Spooky Town Ghouly Grocer
(Image: Lemax)

In addition to spooky new village pieces, Lemax revealed a number of new accessories for your Spooky Town village. My favorites include “The Crazy Clown Conductor,” “Garden of Eaten Worker,” “Haunted Outhouse,” and “Skeleton Lamp.” Check em out below!

Lemax Spooky Town accesories "The Crazy Clown Conductor," "Garden of Eaten Worker," "Haunted Outhouse," and "Skeleton Lamp."
(Images: Lemax)

This is just a sampling and some of my favorites from this year’s collection. You can view the full collection over on the Lemax website.

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