The Little Vampire Returns to Theaters This Halloween

The Little Vampire was a popular children’s book series in the 80’s, but my first introduction to the story was in the 2000 live action film based on the books starring Jonathan Lipnicki.  A guilty pleasure of mine, I watch the film almost every time it’s on.  The Little Vampire tells the story of Tony who befriends a vampire and helps to save the remaining members of the vampire clan who are being hunted by a notorious vampire hunter and this Halloween the story is being retold as a 3D animated film.

Directed by Richard Claus and Karsten Kiilerich, the new animated film will retell the story of Rudolph, a thirteen-year-old vampire, whose clan is threatened by a notorious vampire hunter. He meets Tony, a mortal of the same age, who is fascinated by old castles, graveyards and – vampires. Tony helps Rudolph in an action and humor packed battle against their adversaries, and together they save Rudolph’s family and become friends.

Based on the trailer below, this looks like it will be a great way to celebrate the Halloween season with little ones who aren’t quite ready for full-blown Halloween horror films yet.

The Little Vampire is scheduled to hit theaters worldwide in late October.

The Little Vampire movie poster

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