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Zombie Infested Billboard Created to Promote Walking Dead Attractions in London

A shocking living dead billboard packed with hungry, gut munching zombies popped up in London on Tuesday to help promote a pair of new exclusive live-action attractions based on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

The living billboard was a stunt to promote Thorpe Park Resort’s Fright Night event, and featured “over 50 kilograms of offal and blood.”  During the promotion zombies also took to the streets wearing sandwich boards and other signs to help promote the event and the two new mazes, The Walking Dead: Living Nightmares and The Walking Dead: Sanctum.

The indoor maze called The Walking Dead: Living Nightmare will see visitors experience terrifying iconic scenes of the global phenomenon, including the world’s first live attraction featuring of season 7. They will join other survivors on the brink of death at the mercy of the notorious Negan.

In The Walking Dead: Sanctum, guests will experience a live-action outdoor maze like no other. Following in the footsteps of survivors, they have to navigate their way past the roaming walkers or risk being captured.

This was the first time Thorpe Park Resort marketing execs attempted such a stunt, but if it’s deemed a success they plan to roll out the new “interactive gore-fest” billboards across London by mounting it to a truck and touring to promote the event.

Thorpe Park Resort is located in Surrey, England and it’s annual Fright Nights is the resorts largest event.   Thorpe Park Resort is also home to Saw: The Ride, the world’s first horror movie themed rollercoaster.

h/t: AdWeek

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