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Magic Kingdom Park To Host Slew of Special Haunted Mansion Photo Opps This Month

Earlier this week I shared that The Haunted Mansion at the Walt Disney World Resort had debuted a new in-ride photo capture, where guests will get their photo captured while riding in their Doom Buggy. With the announcement, Disney Parks also shared there would be a special photo event coming to the resort to celebrate the photo capture’s launch. Today, the Disney Parks blog announced that event, which will be held on April 13.

To celebrate the launch of the Haunted Mansion being the 13th attraction with Disney PhotoPass capture at Walt Disney World Resort, the park will be offering special Haunted Mansion themed opportunities around Liberty Square.

Beginning at 9 a.m. guests can get their photo taken near the exit of The Haunted Mansion with a “Tomb Sweet Tomb” prop, available during daylight hours. This location will also capture a chilling Animated Magic Shot. Then, after sundown come back to the location to get your photo taken with the caretakers lantern.

Tomb Sweet Tomb photo opportunity at the exit of the Haunted Mansion
(Image: Disney Parks)

For fans of the mansion’s famed hitchhiking ghosts, the photographer near the hearse in front of the Haunted Mansion will possess the ability to make the Hitchhiking Ghosts appear in your photo.

Hitchhiking ghosts photo opportunity
(Image: Disney Parks)

The infamous Hatbox Ghost will also be making an appearance in photos with the photographer near the entrance to the Liberty Square Riverboat. Here you’ll have the opportunity to take a unique head shot.

Hatbox ghost photo with the guests head in the hatbox
(Image: Disney Parks)

Finally, during evening hours, the photographer outside of Memento Mori will capture your photo along with the orbs that surround this eerie estate.

The event will also feature special merchandise, food, and entertainment so be sure to check out the Disney Parks Blog for the complete details. I can’t wait to see all your spooky photos on social media!

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