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Mezco Toys Announces Cuddles, The First Ever Talking Living Dead Doll

Living Dead Dolls are creepy as shit.  If I were in a room full of them, I probably wouldn’t sleep. But the creators of Living Dead Dolls have just upped the creep factor by announcing the first ever talking Living Dead Doll, Cuddles.

With six chilling phrases spoken at the press of a discreetly hidden button on the doll’s back, Cuddles marks the first ever talking Living Dead Doll. From sinister giggles to ominous threats with a cheery tone, Cuddles is going to be a must have for Living Dead Dolls fans.  The look of the doll was not revealed with the announcement, but based on the teaser video that was released it’s likely some sort of clown doll, which is sure to make it that much more terrifying for some folks. The video also includes a couple of the phrases you can expect from Cuddles, such as the comforting, “Stare at me much longer and I’ll pluck your eye out.”

The doll will be available for order on Wednesday through the Mezco Toyz website, or at the Mezco Toys booth at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

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