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Mezco Toyz Announces Pre-Orders for Dawn of the Dead Boxed Set

Mezco Toyz today announced it is accepting pre-orders for an all-new Dawn of the Dead boxed set.  The One:12 Collective Dawn of the Dead Boxed Set includes two of the most recognizable undead corpses in cinematic history: Flyboy and Plaid Shirt Zombie.

Image of the Dawn of the Dead zombies with their accessories
Mezco Toyz

Flyboy Zombie, also known as Stephen Andrews, is cornered by the living dead while trying to escape through an elevator shaft. Now joining the forces of the infected, Flyboy is outfitted in blood-stained clothing – a button down workmen’s shirt, belt, workmen’s pants, and wedge work boots. He comes equipped with his signature pistol from the iconic scene in the film.

Straight from the original Dawn of the Dead movie poster, Plaid Shirt Zombie is presented in a distressed flannel shirt exposing his rotting flesh, jeans, and work boots.

Both zombies earned their fame by appearing in George A. Romero’s groundbreaking horror film, Dawn of the Dead, where a group takes refuge to make humanity’s last stand against a horde of zombies swarming the U.S. Although their actual screen time was fleeting, their influence on pop culture is long-lasting. Life-size figures of the two characters flanked the entrance to the Monroeville Zombies Museum in the Monroeville Mall, the primary shooting location of the film.

Both zombies have over 28 points of articulation, come with interchangeable posing hands and a collective display base featuring the Dawn of the Dead logo.  The zombies can be pre-ordered through the Mezco Toyz website for $130 and are expected to ship in early 2019.

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