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Mezco Toyz Announces Pre-Orders for IT, Friday the 13th, and Hellraiser Puzzle Blox

Mezco Toyz opened up pre-orders for four new Puzzle Blox toys yesterday featuring characters from some of horror’s most popular film franchises.  The toys, being called “a pop culture game” are basically a Rubik’s Cube with horror film imagery.

A total of four horror-themed Puzzle Blox are available for pre-order including a Pennywise Puzzle Blox featuring Pennywise the clown from the 2017 movie IT, a Friday the 13th Puzzle Blox featuring Jason Voorhees, a Hellraiser Puzzle Blox featuring Pinhead, and a Lament Configuration Puzzle Blox designed to look like the Lament Configuration from the Hellraiser films.

Each block can be pre-ordered for $13.00 on the Mezco Toyz website, or you can buy a Puzzle Blox four-pack which includes the set of four for $52.

The first series of Puzzle Blox is expected to ship sometime this fall.

The Friday the 13th, IT, and Hellraiser Puzzle Blox

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