‘Midnight Murder Club’: First-Person Shooter Party Game Launching This Fall

On Wednesday, Velan Studios announced “Midnight Murder Club,” a new first-person shooter party game with a concept that feels straight out of a plot from a modern horror film.

In “Midnight Murder Club,” players are invited to join a prestigious secret society as one of six guests who meet in the darkness of an old Victorian mansion for a game of hide and seek and shoot. Pick a mask to hide your identity as you join your friends in a shootout in the dark where choices matter in a game of perception, deception, and shooting skill. Slowly creep through the inky darkness of the mansion, armed with only a flashlight and revolver, as you try to complete tasks. But beware, as you navigate through the dark hallways, other club members may be hiding in the shadows, more than willing to kill to be the last one standing.

“With ‘Midnight Murder Club,’ we started with a simple game jam idea of a shooter in the dark and we quickly realized that we had something unique,” said Eric Feurstein, Game Director, Velan Studios. “By playing with light, dark and sound, we’re able to offer a riveting gameplay experience that keeps players’ adrenaline pumping. Playing in pitch darkness is an immediately novel experience where you’re scared to turn your flashlight on for fear that someone will see it, but also don’t want to turn it off for fear of losing your way. You’ll strain your ears to hear footsteps in the darkness, calling out to the shadows, and dreading the response. These are the primal fears we are tapping into with ‘Midnight Murder Club.'”

Hidden around the mansion are traps, weapons, and other equipment to help you survive the night. Put on a pair of night vision goggles to see in the dark. Don a bulletproof vest to defend against your foes. Immobilize your enemies in a bear trap or light them ablaze with a flamethrower. The variety of items makes every match unique.

Players will have to brave four thrilling modes of play to survive in “Midnight Murder Club.”

  • Deathmatch – A 2v2v2 and free-for-all formation mode in which players must rack up the most kills
  • Free for All – Club members navigate the mansion alone, aiming to be the most deadly by the end of the round.
  • Hunter/Hunted – Two players take on the role of hunter to track down and prevent the remaining four players from finding and burning four hidden effigies
  • Thief in the Night – Players are paired together in teams of two to sneak through the mansion and steal valuable items

“Midnight Murder Club” will launch on PC via Steam later this year and is currently available to wishlist. For more information about the game, visit

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