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NECA Teases Unique Look for its Black & White Ultimate Dracula Figure

On Halloween, NECA unveiled its final tease from its month-long “31 Nights of Fright” online product reveal event, and the final reveal was a big one. The image shared on social media appears to be an image of the black-and-white variant of NECA’s Ultimate Dracula figure. The color version of the figure is set to arrive early in 2023, but this is the first we’ve seen of the black and white version. Interestingly, the figure appears to feature a unique look and accessories in addition to its different color scheme.

While NECA has released black-and-white variants of each figure in its Universal Monsters Ultimate Figure line, this is the first we’ve seen that suggests the black-and-white variant would feature a unique sculpt. The colorized version of the figure features the expressive likeness of actor Bela Lugosi in his role as Dracula complete with iconic red medallion, cape, and a number of accessories from the film including a giant bat, wine bottle, goblets, candlestick, and serving plate. The teased black-and-white version also features Lugosi’s likeness, but you’ll notice there is no red medallion around his neck and instead you see the chain for his monacle.

Teaser image for NECA's black-and-white Ultimate Dracula figure
(Image: NECA/Instagram)

The teased version of the figure also appears to have some unique accessories, including a black top hat and cane. Neither of which are part of the colorized figure release, or the recently announced accessory set for the figure. The black-and-white variant appears to take inspiration from the Dracula character when he first arrives in England and is on his way to the theatre.

Obviously, this is all speculation based on the teased image. But there’s no doubt there are differences between the two figures. No other details were shared about the figure as part of the tease.

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