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New Burst-A-Box Jason Voorhees Springs Into Pre-Orders

Mezco Toyz has announced pre-orders for their latest Burst-A-Box featuring Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th Part VII.  The Burst-A-Box is a pop culture infused twist on the classic jack-in-the-box toy.

Burst-A-Box Jason Voorhees

Approximately 14” tall when “popped”, the Burst-A-Box is a finely detailed tin music box that encases a detailed sculpt and clothed spring character.

Designed after his appearance in the film Friday the 13th Part VII, Jason features a cracked hockey mask, exposing the rotting monster underneath.

Burst-A-Box: Jason Voorhees comes packaged popped-out of his tin and perfect for display in a collector-friendly window box.

The latest Friday the 13th collectible from Mezco Toyz can be pre-ordered for $50 on the Mezco Toys website and is expected to ship in late 2018 through early 2019.

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