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New Short Looks at the Softer Side of Zombies

Less Than Human, a new short released by The Animation Workshop escapes the tropes of the zombie genre and shows viewers a softer side of zombies.

Taking place five years after a cure for a zombie outbreak is released, cured zombies now live in exile in secluded camps separate from the rest of society.  As people begin wondering if zombies can be reintegrated into normal society, one reporter aims to show the public that zombies still pose a threat to humans.  When the reporter ventures into one of the camps that had its first zombie incident since the cure, he comes upon Andy, a cured zombie and his roomate Don.  The reporter interviews them about the life of a cured zombie hoping to prove that these individuals don’t belong in regular society and while his statements say they aren’t the footage captured by his cameraman tell another story.

Work on Less Than Human started in 2015 and was developed by a team of eight 3rd year Character Animation & CG Art students from Denmark.  The team chronicled their work on the project on their tumblr up until it was released online earlier this month.  What I love about this project is that rather than exploring how to deal with the zombie problem itself, it looks at the aftermath of a cure.  How does society move on once the serious threat is gone?  What does society do with those who survive the unimaginable?

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