New Story DLC Launches for ‘Resident Evil 4’

“Separate Ways, the highly anticipated story DLC for “Resident Evil 4,” is now available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC via Steam. Separate Ways reveals Ada Wong’s side of the story, following the mysterious agent on a secret mission that intertwines with Leon S. Kennedy’s search for the president’s missing daughter. Ada’s adventure takes the survival horror action of Resident Evil 4 to thrilling heights with new gameplay mechanics that deliver an even more exciting and fast-paced experience.

“Separate Ways” reimagines and builds upon the bonus content from the original game to deliver an expanded new adventure. The story sees the enigmatic Ada Wong infiltrating the European village controlled by Los Iluminados under orders from Albert Wesker to seize the group’s darkest secret: a powerful substance known as “the Amber.” This dangerous assignment leads to an unexpected reunion with Leon S. Kennedy, presenting another perspective on the game’s narrative that answers lingering questions from the main campaign. Ada’s covert journey parallels Leon’s rescue operation and explores the shadowy events that unfold behind the scenes, revealing the full scope of the story.

The new DLC empowers players with precise firearms, intense knife combat, stealth attacks, finishing moves, and more while introducing a new feature that takes the game’s fast-paced action to a whole new level. Ada can now wield her signature Grappling Gun battle to dismantle enemy defenses and launch into melee takedowns from a distance. She can also employ this versatile tool to traverse vast distances and surmount obstacles that would otherwise be impassable.

In addition to the arrival of the “Separate Ways” DLC, new content for “The Mercenaries” has launched. This free update for the popular extra game mode is available now for all owners of “Resident Evil 4”. It welcomes Ada Wong and her notorious employer, Albert Wesker, to the roster of playable characters.

To celebrate the release, “Resident Evil 4” is currently on sale for a limited time.

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