Nick Toons, Hocus Pocus, and Overwatch Among 2017 Halloween Offerings from Spirit

Spirit Halloween.  Their Halloween stores are the beacons that tell us our favorite day of the year is drawing near.  But before the stores start popping up in towns across the U.S. they start teasing their offerings on their website.  Over the last few weeks Spirit has filled my inbox with emails teasing their props and decor for 2017 and last night I finally took the time to go through them and I was impressed by some of this year’s offerings.  Here are some of the ones I was most excited about.

Nick Toons

There’s a lot of nostalgia for 90’s Nickelodeon right now.  Rocko’s Modern Life is coming back, Are You Afraid of the Dark? had a panel at Midsummer Scream, and now Spirit Halloween is releasing costumes for some 90’s Nick Toon favorites like Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters, and Ren & Stimpy.

Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters

Spirit has two officially licensed Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters costumes for 2017, an adult Oblina costume and an adult inflatable Krum Costume.  These costumes are exclusive to Spirit and are sure to have the kids in your neighborhood screaming Aaaahh!!!

Oblina and Krum Aaahh!!! Real Monsters costumes
Spirit Halloween

Ren & Stimpy

Ren & Stimpy was the OG Nicktoon and was one of my favorites growing up.  This year Spirit has a licensed Stimpy costume, but sadly it doesn’t look like they have a Ren.  Because aparently they are all the rage, this costume, like Krum from Aaaahh!!! Real Monsters is inflatable.

Inflatable Stimpy costume
Spirit Halloween


Overwatch is probably the one video game I have spent the most time with over the last few years and with its growing popularity comes the opportunity to license some of the games characters for Halloween.  Spirit has done just that and has created costumes for two of the franchise’s most popular characters, Reaper and D.Va.

The Reaper costume comes complete with the costume, mask, arm gauntlets and boot covers, while the D.Va costume comes with bodysuit gloves and headpiece.  Both costumes are currently being featured in adult sizes only, so it’s unclear if these will be available to kids who are fans of the game.

Reaper and D.Va costumes
Spirit Halloween

Hocus Pocus

Disney’s Hocus Pocus was a box office flop when it was released in 1993, but like all cult classics it has grown a dedicated fanbase since then and has become a staple of Halloween viewing for most fans of the holiday.  Whereas Spirit’s offerings with other licensed properties have been fairly limited so far, Spirit went all out with their licensing deal for Hocus Pocus, complete with costumes, wigs, bows, chokers, decor and more.


If you’re looking to stir up some mischief this Halloween as a Sanderson sister, Spirit is offering up everything you need to spend the evening as Winifred, Mary or Sarah, with complete costumes as well as cloaks and wigs to complete the look.  Below are the individual costumes and the models are wearing the wigs that can be purchased separately to complete the look.

The Sanderson Sisters costumes
Spirit Halloween

In addition to the main costume elements, Spirit is also selling a number of accessories to help enhance your Sanderson sister look.  Each sister has her own themed bow, choker, and face decal, and they are selling a set of three rings.  The bows and chokers can be seen below:

Sanderson sister bows and chokers
Spirit Halloween bows and chokers for Winifred, Sarah, and Mary Sanderson


If you want the Hocus Pocus magic to last beyond just Halloween night, Spirit is also offering quite a few fun decorative items for the home ranging from mugs and glasses to pillows and doormats.  A handful of the items can be seen below:

Various Hocus Pocus decor offerings from Spirit Halloween
Spirit Halloween

You can view the complete Hocus Pocus collection on the Spirit Halloween website.

Beyond the above, there are a number of cool new offerings from Spirit in 2017, most notably their Stranger Things collection, which was featured yesterday on Bloody Disgusting.  Other notable collections include Steven Universe, Rick and Morty, and Disney Descendents.  You can check out the entire line of new costumes and decorations on spirithalloween.com.

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