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Party City Debuts Its Lineup of Halloween Animatronics for 2023

On Thursday, Party City gave Halloween enthusiasts their first look at its lineup of Halloween animatronics for 2023. Party City will debut 11 new animatronics this Halloween season. While they aren’t yet available for purchase, the party retailer gave us some still images of the animatronics along with a brief description and price point, meaning you can at least start saving if you see something you like.


This six-foot animatronic of the iconic chainsaw-wielding killer makes heavy breathing noises and chainsaw revving sounds. Once released, the animatronic will retail for $325.

Party City Leatherface animatronic
(Image: Party City)


Party City is getting in on the 12-foot animatronic game this year with a 12-foot Wendigo animatronic. This giant animatronic moves its head and hands and features glowing red eyes. This is a Halloween City exclusive that will retail for $500.

(Image: Party City)

Towering Pumpkin Creep

Another 12-footer, the Towering Pumpkin Creep, moves his head and hands and makes spooky sounds. This new animatronic will retail for $500 when released.

Towering Pumpkin Creep animatronic
(Image: Party City)

Dropdown Scarecrow

While he might seem like your run-of-the-mill scarecrow perched up on his posts, this 9ft animatronic scarecrow drops down to scare your guests. Once available, the Dropdown Scarecrow will retail for $220.

Dropdown Scarecrow animatronic
(Image: Party City)

The Mega Wolf

This Halloween City exclusive is a towering 9.5 feet tall and snaps its jaws while snarling and lunging at unsuspecting victims. Once released, the Mega Wolf will retail for $500.

Halloween City Mega Wolf animatronic
(Image: Party City)

Mad Monster Marlon

This Frankenstein-like monster stands 7.5 feet tall and moves his hands and talks. Once available, the animatronic will set you back $280.

Mad Monster Marlon animatronic
(Image: Party City)

Neon Ice Cream Clown

The Neon Ice Cream Clown is six feet tall and has glowing yellow eyes. This menacing clown entices guests with free ice cream before laughing and lunging at his unsuspecting victims. This all-new animatronic will retail for $200 once released.

(Image: Party City)

Bloody Ghost Treater

This smallest of this year’s releases at just three feet tall, the Bloody Ghost Treater moves side to side will playing eerie sounds. This is also this year’s cheapest release and will retail for just $100 once released.

(Image: Party City)

Rising Woman

The blood-soaked Rising Woman stands just over four and a half feet tall and floats up and down. It’s unclear if the animatronic comes with the pictured chair, but it will retail for $180 when released.

(Image: Party City)

Possessed Pumpkin Patch

Another Halloween City exclusive, Posessed Pumpkin Patch, stands 9 feet tall and pops up while playing haunting noises. Once released, the animatronic will set you back $300.

(Image: Party City)

Lunging Black Angel of Death

Rounding out this year’s animatronics is the Lunging Black Angel of Death, a Halloween City exclusive that stands nearly seven feet tall. This towering animatronic features glowing eyes and lunges and screams at unsuspecting guests. The Lunging Black Angel of Death will cost $200 once released.

(Image: Party City)

Once released, all of this year’s animatronics will be made available for purchase online, however, they will need to be picked up in store. The 2023 animatronics lineup will debut this fall. For the latest updates on this year’s releases, visit partycity.com.

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