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Pre-Orders Available for Trick or Treat Studios’ ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘Bride of Frankenstein’ Purses

Trick or Treat Studios, the premium Halloween mask and collectibles maker, has opened pre-orders for a new series of accessories inspired by Universal’s classic monsters. The three new pieces, which include two purses and a wallet, are inspired by the classic Bride of Frankenstein and Frankenstein’s monster characters.

Designed by Sam Furst, each piece is made using high-quality vegan leather. The Bride of Frankenstein purse features an embossed glow-in-the-dark graphic of the Bride on the front, logo on the back, and stitching on the sides. The bag is available for pre-order now for $69.99 and is estimated to begin shipping on June 5, 2023.

(Image: Trick or Treat Studios)

The Frankenstein purse features embossed printed graphics on the front, side, and back. The front features the Monster in a vibrant red, the sides say “Frankenstein” in a dripping blood font, and the back reads, “Warning! The Monster is loose!” The Frankenstein purse is available for pre-order for $69.99 and is estimated to begin shipping on April 24, 2023.

(Image: Trick or Treat Studios)

Both purses feature an adjustable strap, a soft inner lining with a large zipper center pocket, an inner side pocket, and a large outer back pocket for easy access to frequently used items like keys or phones.

Fans of Boris Karloff’s Monster can also pre-order a Frankenstein wallet featuring an embossed printed graphic of the Monster on the front in red and the words “Warning! The Monster is loose!” on the back. Inside, the wallet features the Universal Monsters logo, five card slots, a clear ID holder, and a large cash pocket. This wallet has a two-snap closure to secure your valuables, plus a small eyelet to attach a wallet chain if desired. (Wallet chain not included.) The Frankenstein wallet is available for pre-order now for $29.99 and is expected to ship beginning April 24, 2023.

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